Beautiful Women of Wisconsin

Hi there, my name is Danielle. I’m a 30-year-old Wisconsinite and I’ve decided to start a blog. My goal for this blog is to re-imagine how beauty is defined; because mere physical attributes are not what makes a woman beautiful. We are so much more complex and abstract than that. Join me in my venture to reveal the true definition of beauty via interviews with beautiful, excellent women in Wisconsin. I can’t wait to introduce you to these entrepreneurs, mothers, artists, small business owners, first responders, soldiers/veterans, humanitarians, and more.

Be Uniquely You

“Embrace what makes you different.” -Dumbo 🐘 💕 Growing up in Florida it was constantly pointed out to me that my skin was different. I am pale, white, freckled. I’ve been called Casper, I’ve had remarks made by complete strangers on the beach, and even now as an adult living in Wisconsin I get occasional […]