Comfort in Personal Style

I recently asked my great gal pal Anna how she would describe her personal style and she replied with one word – COMFORTABLE. I found this descriptive word to be very fitting for Anna, because she and her sister, Sarah, are consultants for LuLaRoe, a brand of clothing that is made to be comfortable and fun. Ever since Anna discovered her love for the LuLa-style, there’s rarely a day that she decides she’d rather wear her “regular” clothes. That’s a testament to how comfy she finds this clothing to be (along with every other woman who’s tried on a pair of butter-soft leggings). I’d like to take this concept a bit further though, because I believe that Anna’s use of the word comfortable goes beyond just the physical feeling of comfort that the soft fabrics offer. I think it is also the LuLaRoe style of clothing that gives her a sense of comfort – comfort in being herself. These clothes empower Anna to feel awesome about how she presents herself to the world because she can make each outfit a look of her own and perfectly tailor the look to accentuate the areas she feels comfortable accentuating. Thus, she can go about her day working, running errands, or hanging out at home while being her most comfortable self. That’s what I think is pretty cool, because there is nothing more beautiful than finding comfort in being you.

Comfort In Personal Style Blog Mini Post - Meet Anna
Anna is all smiles as she poses in one of her favorite LuLaRoe outfits.

Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.” – Unknown

Comfort In Personal Style Blog Mini Post - Meet Anna
Anna and I pose in some of her inventory for fun! (Photo credit: Anna North)

“You need to feel comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you feel confident. And when you’re confidant, the world is your oyster. Most important, you gotta feel what you wear.” – Priyanka Chopra

Comfort In Personal Style Blog Mini Post - Meet Anna
There’s no denying that these outfits are super comfy! (Photo credit: Anna North)

Thanks for tuning in! I’d love for you to share a descriptive word that embodies your personal style! Until next time, stay comfy my friends!

XO- Danielle

*Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for the LuLaRoe clothing brand.

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